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You’ve reached the website of Aircon Altea, the home of staying cool with aircon solutions to meet your individual needs.

Aircon Altea are specialists for all aspects of air-conditioning: installation, maintenance and repair. We supply to domestic and commercial premises and cover the immediate are in and around Altea.

You might think that air-conditioning is simply a matter of buying the shiniest unit and mounting to the nearest wall. It’s not quite that easy. When we install a system, we take into account several key factors to ensure your air conditioning system gives you the desired effect. These factors will include how big your room(s) are, where you want the main unit to be positioned - as well as our recommendation for the optimum position, where to put the outside unit taking into account building and community regulations, and also the airflow throughout your home or workplace.

By considering all these factors, we’ll recommend a system that is right for you, a system that will simply work efficiently and effectively by just pressing the 'on' button on the remote control.

Many people forget that modern airconditioning is an all year solution. A single unit can provide all your cooling needs in summer, and all your heating needs in winter.

At Aircon Altea, we're especially proud to be a leading partner with Panasonic

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No matter what your needs are, at Aircon Altea we can can ensure the perfect solution.
We work with a range of systems from all the leading manufacturers including LG, Hisense, Green, Toshiba, Johnson, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Haier, Media and Fujitsu.

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Areas We Cover

At, we cover all of Altea including the old town, L’Olla, Altea La Vella, Altea Hills and the urbanisations inland towards La Nucia and Polop. We are deliberately local so that we can respond to customer needs quickly and without fuss. 


Why Choose Aircon Altea?

Firstly, we’re not small. We’re backed by K&M Elctrodomesticos from Calpe which is Costa Blanca’s premiere white goods and air-conditioning organisations. We have over 40 years experience both here in Spain and in the UK.

Qualified Aircon Engineers
All our engineers are fully qualified and receive regular on-going training to stay up to date with technology and relative laws. Aircon Altea operates legally (not from the back of the van). This means we have comprehensive insurance and our guarantees are fully backed up.

We speak English, we speak Spanish. Many on our team are in fact Spanish which is unusual for a British company. It’s important to be able to talk to our customers in their native language, whilst at the same time speaking to our suppliers in their native language. It means nothing is assumed, and the little details aren’t missed! It all adds up to a professionally run company that offers the best in air conditioning solutions.

About Us

We’re delighted to be part of the K&M Electrodomesticos group. As the Costa Blanca’s leading supplier of white goods and air-conditioning systems, you can be assured that our experience, knowledge, workmanship and guarantees are 100% solid ensuring worry-free air-conditioning now and in the years to come.

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EcoSense - The Guardian of Your Bank Account

Air conditioning systems have a reputation for high running costs. The truth is you will see a bump in your electricity bill. We looked into this and realised that many people simply leave the aircon on all the time. An analogy would be you wouldn’t leave your car running when its parked outside, so why leave your airconditiong running when there’s no-one there. But it happens.

We can install a small box called EcoSense which constantly scans the room for movement. If there is no movement for 30 minutes, EcoSense will assume the room is empty and shut down the aircon unit. The old coin slot machines simply don’t work making EcoSense a perfect solution, especially if you rent your property to holiday makers - who simply don’t care about your electricity bill.

EcoSense Altea

Though K&M Electrodomesticos, airconaltea is the main agent for EcoSense and you won't find it in the shops. Fitting EcoSense to existing units is just as easy as new installations. Just call us!


Top 5 Tips

  • To keep your system operating at optimum. Clean the filters once in a while - monthly is perfect. Its a simple matter of pulling the front off the unit, removing the filter, vacuuming the crud and replacing it.
  • Think about what temperature you want, set the unit and let it do its stuff. Somewhere between 22º and 25º is actually perfect for most people. Don't think that by setting your unit to 16º you'll get cooler quicker, you won't. What will happen is that you're aircon system will work longer thus costing you more than need be.
  • All airconditiong systems produce waste water. But why waste it when you can recycle it to water your plants, fill the steam iron, or use it to mop the terrace!
  • Servicing your aircon system is like servicing your car. It will run better, more effectively and will cost you less in the long run. At airconaltea we will service all installations, even ones we didn't install!
  • After a while, you'll need to re-gas your system. If you think your air-conditioning isn't quite as cold as it should be, call us. We'll assess the situation and if a re-gas is needed, we can do it on the spot.

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